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Hard boiled facts
Sadie is the name of my charge. She's an Alzheimer's patient nearing 90.

Sadie and I are still working out our "usual" schedule, but thus far I let her sleep until she gets up, make her breakfast, chat with her a bit (unless we have a falling out--at which point she hides in her room), make her lunch, chat some more... it's not an unpleasant way to spend the day. I usually do housework while she's asleep or when she's on a rare outing with one of her sons. As Sadie also has hearing problems and glaucoma, I'm a bit at a loss as to what we can do together besides talk, but it's a project I'm working on.

The one thing that is almost always certain is Sadie's meals. Sadie eats two scrambled eggs with a slice of toast and a cup of (heavily sugared--by her) decaf coffee for breakfast and a crustless turkey sandwich with a few chips and a cup of tea (again heavily sugared) for lunch.

Her son, Ray, told me that she sometimes has oatmeal for breakfast and I was tired of scrambled eggs so I made old-fashioned oatmeal on Monday. I learned that I make oatmeal wrong. My oatmeal isn't creamy and Sadie's MUST be creamy. Okay. I'll get brave and try again one of these days.

Well, last night Ray told me that Sadie liked hard boiled eggs and that maybe I should try that--just for something a little different. So today I spent about half an hour cooking and shelling eggs. They turned out PERFECTLY, too (well, the peeling wasn't perfect, but the insides were).

Sadie took one bite and grimaced. GRIMACED! She doesn't like hard boiled eggs, she has informed me. She likes soft-boiled eggs. Over the course of half of one of her two eggs she told me 3 or 4 times that she doesn't like hard boiled eggs and that "you only eat hard boiled eggs at Easter, not when the weather is like this" with a gesture out the window at the snow that she so often even forgets is on the ground.

Let me clarify: my feelings are not hurt. Sadie often forgets that she likes things or changes her mind about what she likes. Some days she's just plain ornery. I'm just... on a steep learning curve. And ya'll get to learn along with me. Lucky you.


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